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Welcome to
Aldous & Saunders!

If you could find a reliable team of accountants in Norwich that will support you with your current challenges, would you want to talk with them? Of course, you would! The problem is all accountants talk the same language and only boast how different they are, right? Well not all of us!

A simple Google search will demonstrate that broadly speaking, there is very little difference between accountants when it comes to general compliance work for individuals and small businesses. There are some very good local Accountants in Norwich, including ourselves, that are supporting businesses by offering more than just Accounting and Taxation services.

Here at Aldous & Saunders, we recognised a long time ago that cloud technology and automation would take care of the everyday bookkeeping and accounting requirements, so we can focus our attention on providing challenging business support.

So why would you consider using Aldous & Saunders as your accountants? 

Aldous and Saunders

We are very proud of our track record and would like you to consider the following facts, since 2012 we have:

  • Helped 146 clients start their own business, ranging from tradespeople through to events management companies;
  • Helped 344 clients get to grips with cloud accounting and all the benefits this provides for small businesses;
  • Provided 459 clients with good honest business advice and connections that has seen them become profitable and established in their field;
  • Taken a proactive approach to business support, to ensure that we are there when our clients need us.

Our reputation for being reliable and dependable accountants in Norfolk and Suffolk continues to gain momentum. On average we are welcoming six new clients a month, which is just right for us, and fits in with our philosophy that our growth should not be at the expense of our loyal clients.

The right accountants for you.

To help you decide if we are the right choice for you, please take a moment to see how we supported Amanda and Tom when they approached us.

If you think we may be the right accountants for your business, then please contact us and tell us what you are looking for, and if we think we can help, we will arrange to meet over coffee to see if we should work together.

Our Values

Integrity, client focused, loyalty and reliability.

Our Culture

Team work, relationships, personal development and accountability.

Our Vision

To foster the culture of relationships and business support that drives loyalty and team work.


10 Reasons why our clients choose us

  1. Monthly Fees
  2. Easy to Work With
  3. Great Business Support
  4. Challenging Business Advice
  5. Knowledge of Cloud Accounting Systems
  6. Annual Tax Reviews
  7. Sensible Pricing
  8. Situated Outside of Busy City
  9. Network of Trusted Advisors
  10. Free Parking