Switching Accountants is a great move for you and your business

There are many reasons why you could be disappointed with your current accountant but, whatever the reason, switching accountants to us is a great move for you and your business.

Switching Accountants

If you’re already working with another accounting firm, but would like to switch to ours, we can help make the transition simple. We appreciate your business and do not take your decision to switch accountants lightly. With that in mind, we’ve outlined the process for you.

Switching process

Step 1: Sign a Letter of Agreement. We feel it’s important that both parties have a clear understanding of their responsibilities so there are no misunderstandings going forward. The agreement will detail what services we will provide and what you should expect to contribute.

Step 2: We will meet to review the money laundering regulations and confirm your identity and proof of address with a copy of a recent utility bill and a driving license or passport.

Step 3: Finally, we’ll need to be authorised with HMRC to act as your new accountants. HMRC will provide the necessary codes to enable authorisation which they will post to your home address. Once you receive them, simply forward them on to us, so we can complete this process.

Step 4: Once all the above has been completed, we can begin working as your accountant.

Getting you released.

Step 1: Once all of the necessary documents in place, we can inform your current accountant that you’ll be leaving. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to contact them first on your own or we can communicate directly with them. Once you give us authorization, we will write a clearance letter requesting the materials they have on file for you.

Step 2: Upon receiving the letter, your former accountant should respond with formal acknowledgement that they know no reasons why we should not accept the engagement and include all the requested financial information. These documents are then stored at our office in preparation for work on your accounts.

After these tasks have been taken care of, we’ll guide you through the last few minor details. At this point, you may want to join our Facebook networking group and arrange membership with our Business Growth Club. It’s that simple!