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Project Description

Bookkeeping Services


Not everyone enjoys bookkeeping and not everyone knows what can and can’t be claimed as a business Expense. We understand it’s important to know your numbers and after a busy day at work, you wouldn’t enjoy spending your evenings and weekends working through business receipts. The answer is to drop off your invoices, receipts and bank statements to us, so we can take care of them for you.

Receipt Bank

The advances in new technology mean that you no longer need to spend hours manually inputting paper receipts. Recording businesses expenses has never been easier! Receipt Bank allows you to take photos of your business receipts using a FREE mobile phone app. The app will capture all the important information from the photo and upload this directly to your cloud accounting software. You can even forward attachments from emails too! Contact us for a demonstration today.

Cloud Bookkeeping Software

We work with various cloud software packages such as Xero QuickBooks, KashFlow, and FreeAgent. From April 2019 onwards, many businesses that are above the VAT threshold of £85 will need to be using digital software as part of the new MTD (Making Tax Digital) legislation. If you’re unsure how this will affect you then either read some of our blogs or contact us and we will set up a meeting to explain how it all works.

Financial check-up

If DIY bookkeeping is working for your business, let us provide an extra set of eyes to ensure you’ve got it all covered. We can provide a thorough financial check-up to ensure you haven’t missed something or made any mistakes.