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Redefining the client – advisor relationship

In 2012 we both left well-paid jobs with a vision to create a modern Accountancy practice which would offer more than just number crunching services.

Customer service has always been our number-one priority—the foundation on which Aldous & Saunders was born. Every day, we work hard to create an environment where customised business support goes hand-in-hand with exceptional accounting advice and services. We believe this is the cornerstone of modern accounting and its commitment to today’s diverse group of customers.

We set out with a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, and the advances in new technology were going to play a key part in this.

In addition, staying on the forefront of technology remains an important part of our commitment to our customer base. When we began the company, cloud accounting technology had just begun to gain momentum. Even in its infancy, we knew it would be instrumental in helping us build our business and be part of our clients’ success. Implementing cloud technology in our own business and for others in and around our local area, and across the UK, continues to provide many benefits, including streamlined processes, automated accounting and time freed up for additional development tasks.

Moving forward, we continue to be on top of what our clients need—providing:

  • Expert guidance on accounting, tax and payroll requirements
  • Up-to-the-minute technology—from cloud accounting and beyond
  • Industry-specific services for start-ups, small businesses, freelancers and individuals
  • Sound advice for small businesses and individuals
  • A wide range of customizable services to ease your load
  • Business Growth Club Member-specific benefits
  • Various channels of communication—social media, closed groups, meet-ups and more

By embracing new technology, improving customer services and providing business support and training, we are improving the lives of clients all over the UK and we’re not slowing down. We’re still a relatively young business, with a lot of experience, knowledge, and insight behind us, and we have some exciting developments planned for the future.

 – Tracey Aldous & Glenn Saunders