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As you will see, we offer everything you would expect from a great accountancy practice that continues to support small businesses and individuals throughout the UK.

We’ve listed our services below however, if you’d like to outline what you’re looking for in more detail then please contact us and let us know what you need.

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Bookkeeping Services


Not everyone enjoys bookkeeping and not everyone knows what can and can’t be claimed as a business expense. We understand it’s important to know your numbers and after a busy day at work, you wouldn’t enjoy spending your evenings and weekends working through business receipts. The answer is to drop off your invoices, receipts and bank statements to us, so we can take care of them for you.

Receipt Bank

The advances in new technology mean that you no longer need to spend hours manually inputting paper receipts. Recording businesses expenses has never been easier! Receipt Bank allows you to take photos of your business receipts using a FREE mobile phone app. The app will capture all the important information from the photo and upload this directly to your cloud accounting software. You can even forward attachments from emails too! Contact us for a demonstration today.

Cloud Bookkeeping Software

We work with various cloud software packages such as Xero QuickBooks, KashFlow, and FreeAgent. From April 2019 onwards, many businesses that are above the VAT threshold of £85 will need to be using digital software as part of the new MTD (Making Tax Digital) legislation. If you’re unsure how this will affect you then either read some of our blogs or contact us and we will set up a meeting to explain how it all works.

Financial check-up

If DIY bookkeeping is working for your business, let us provide an extra set of eyes to ensure you’ve got it all covered. We can provide a thorough financial check-up to ensure you haven’t missed something or made any mistakes.

Accounting Services

Monthly Accounts (Sole Trader, Partnership & Ltd)

If, like many small businesses you are time pressured then our monthly accounts service could be what you’re looking for! In a nutshell, we will take all your expenses and input them onto cloud software using our receipt processing software. All you need to do is raise your own invoices.

Annual Accounts

If you’re not quite ready to outsource your monthly accounting then we could simply check your annual accounts instead. We are happy to conduct a thorough review to make sure there are no errors, apply tax allowances and file your accounts with HMRC. Contact us for a free appointment

Auto Enrolment

Don’t worry, we can take care of Enrolling your staff into a workplace pension for you and it won’t cost the earth! We know Auto Enrolment is being overcharged by many other professionals, so be careful


Whether your business is just getting off the ground or you’re in need of an updated payroll system, we can help. Let our dedicated team provide you a fully customised payroll service that includes monthly/weekly payslips for your employees or as part of a single director limited company.

Cloud Accounting

Easy, secure and available from virtually anywhere you work or travel, Cloud Accounting is becoming the new standard and will play an important part when the new MTD legislation comes into effect in April 18. If you use internet banking, then you are already using cloud technology. Consider adopting it to view your businesses finances online, as well. We can help!

Taxation Services

Company Tax Returns

A company tax return is usually filed each year along with the accounts of the limited company. We can take care of all aspects of this, including all the statutory Limited company account requirements and be sure the correct elements are tagged prior to filling with HMRC.


We can register new sub-contractors for CIS and complete a self-assessment tax return each year to claim your business expenses. If you are a contractor, then we can help you process your payroll. In some instances, we can register limited companies as gross status sub-contractors. Contact us for more information.


As part of our Payroll services we will calculate your employee’s tax and National insurance payments as well as the employer’s contributions. If you are new to Auto-Enrolment we will explain your responsibilities and ensure all employees that have opted in have the correct amounts deducted from their pay

Partnership Tax Returns

Did you know if you trade as a partnership you must file three partnership returns with HMRC each year? Take the guesswork out of filing your partnership tax returns by consulting professionals who know the ropes.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

We make filing your self-assessment tax return easy! Your return needs to be filed with HMRC on or before the 31ST of January each year. All sole traders, freelancers, property landlords and company directors need to make submissions. Mistakes can be costly.


Let us help you identify the most tax-effective VAT scheme for your business—the answer may surprise you. Getting this wrong with HMRC is an unforgiving risk you don’t want to take! We can register you for VAT or process your quarterly submissions.

Tax Investigation

Professional tax investigation insurance is an essential investment—one well worth making. Should you get the dreaded letter in the post, don’t panic. Call us before you make any contact with HMRC and we’ll do everything possible to get things quickly and easily resolved. .

Corporation Tax

Our experienced team will calculate your Corporation Tax as part of our monthly or annual limited company accounting services. We’ll ensure you’re taking the proper allowances and filing accurately every year, using our specialised accounting software and our knowledge and experience.

Capital Gains Tax

The laws for capital gains can be tricky. You don’t want to pay more than necessary—or too little. We’ve plenty of experience with CGT so we’ll make sure you pay only what you owe—saving time, money and unnecessary headaches.

MTD (Making Tax Digital)

From April 2019 all VAT registered businesses will be required to submit their accounts to HMRC each quarter via online accounting software that’s compatible with HMRC’s systems. We are ready for this change and can help you today with your MTD! Contact us for further information.

Business Advice

Business Support

This comes as standard with us, but what does it mean? The days of only talking with your accountant once a year is now viewed as an old fashion notion. We believe if you pay us for a monthly accounting service then that’s exactly what you should get – a service. Communication is the key to providing outstanding customer care that works alongside our accounting packages. Simply put, when you need us, we’re there for you.

General Business Advice

If you have a list of questions and not sure where to turn, then why not set up a meeting with us and we’ll happily sit and talk through any challenges you’re facing. We pride ourselves on the attention we give to every single one of our clients who ask us for business advice.

Business Mentoring

If you would like someone to bounce your ideas off, then take advantage of our Professional Business Mentoring services and we’ll provide inspiration on moving forward with your business. We have helped a diverse range of clients in many industry sectors. Simply contact us and book your introductory one hour’s session with a trained business mentor.

Company Formations

If you’re thinking of company formations, then you need to speak with us first! We will give you straight and accurate answers on whether you should incorporate and how to set up your company so that it can grow and flourish. We have advised, set up and supported many new limited companies. As a new company director, we will explain all the rules and regulations you will need to know and understand.

Business Growth Club

Join our exclusive Business Growth Club and be privy to quick and easy ways to make more sales. Members network and learn common-sense techniques that are guaranteed to secure new business. As a bonus, the first three months are free for new members.

Business Start-up

Book a free one-hour consultation with us today so we can sit down and talk though your new business idea. As a business start-up ourselves, we feel uniquely qualified to advise you on the pitfalls you may encounter when setting off on your new journey. Not only have we built up a network of trusted advisors ready to lend a hand, we can also provide ongoing business support, so we are only a phone call away.