Today some of you will be able to claim your self employed grant.

I have been given some inside information on how easy it is! If you have already checked to see if you are eligible and been given a “yes” then all you have to do is the same process again but there are additional screens. Initially, we thought that you might have to declare that you have had some earnings but this is not the case. You can simply claim it.

Steps below:

Go to the Gov.UK website – NEVER click a link in an email!

There will now be a number 4 that says “make your claim”

Click through to this and read through the disclaimer.

You will now be taken through the eligibility check that you may have done before, adding your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) and then your National Insurance number.

If the screen is Blue you will be able to proceed with making your claim.

Enter your Government Gateway username and password, or verify yourself another way.

There may be some security questions (hence why we cannot do this claim for you as they are related to you) and or an ID check.

Then you will be taken to a screen to add your name, email and telephone number.

After this page you will see the amount you are due to claim with a breakdown of how it is calculated.

Next page is bank details then click through to a declaration.

That’s literally it…. 6 days later you should receive the funds. Keep a printout or screenshot of your claim number just in case you need to call HMRC.