What are the new furlough scheme changes and how will they affect you.

  • To be eligible for flexible furlough from 1st July, the employee must has have been furlough for a minimum of 3 weeks in the period 01st March 2020 to 30th June 2020. Any new entries to the furlough scheme must have been furlough on or before 10th June to be eligible for flexible furlough.
  • Anyone furlough / re-furloughed after the 10th June to 30th June – the 3 week rule still applies before being able to put on the flexible furlough scheme.
  • Flexible furlough – When on flexible furlough, the employee cannot complete any work during the hours they are furloughed for.
  • Flexible furlough is based on contracted hours on or before 19th March, please double check contracts for the hours.
  • When sending payroll across to your payroll department, please send contracted hours for the week and the hours the employee has worked within that period.
  • Any hours not worked they employee will receive 80% however for September and October the employer will need to top this up, please see table below.

Furlough Scheme

Follow this link to make a furlough claim.