How to register your business for the out to help out scheme

The governments new eat out to help out scheme begins on the 3rd August 2020.

Those businesses that wish to participate in the scheme will need to register with HMRC before the 3rd of August. HMRC have issued a guide with more information on who is eligible for the scheme and what you need to do to register your business.

The discount is available for food and/or non-alcoholic drink purchased on-premises, up to a maximum discount of £10 per diner inclusive of VAT. Any businesses offering the discount is expected to offer it on the weekdays it runs  – Monday to Wednesday. Our advice would be to read through the guidelines carefully before you register so you are aware of all the rules around this scheme.

Who can register?

You can register if your establishment if you sell food for immediate consumption on the premises which provides its own dining area or shares a dining area with another establishment for eat-in meals. If your premises was registered as a food business with the relevant local authority on or before 7 July. You should wait until you have registered your premises before you offer discounts to your customers. You can’t offer discounts before 3 August.

Keeping accurate records.

Each day you’re using the scheme, you must keep records of the total number of people who have used the scheme in your establishment. Keep a record of the total value of transactions and the total amount of discounts you have given.

If you have more than one establishment, you must keep these records for each business.

Making a claim

The service you’ll use to claim reimbursements will be available on 7 August 2020 via your government gateway account. You will have to wait 7 days from registration to make your first claim and HMRC will pay eligible claims within 5 working days.

You will be able to submit claims weekly and you will still need to pay VAT based on the full amount of the customers’ bills. Any sales you receive through the scheme will be treated as taxable income.