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The Client Journey.

To explain exactly what being a client of Aldous & Saunders means to you, we’ve mapped out the client journey.

We believe it’s important to explain what goes on behind the scenes each month and the work that goes on to ensure your numbers are correct, your business and personal taxes are taken care of, and the business support you can expect to receive.

Let us email you a copy of ‘The Client Journey’

The client journey will give you a visual map of the various stages of what happens periodically throughout the year and a step by step detailed explanation of each process, how it happens and when.


  • Initial Meeting With A Partner
  • What Happens Next?
  • The First Few Weeks
  • Initial Training
  • What Happens Week By Week Month By Month
  • Using Cloud Technology
  • Questions And Queries
  • Mid Term Review
  • Two Months Before Year End
  • Bolt-On benefits
  • Breakdown Of Services and What Happens Each Month

The latest technology

We use the latest cloud technology to enhance the work we do and the client experience you’ll receive. Working this way allows you to concentrate on making more sales and lets us focus our time analysing your business finances. We will take a good look at your business and suggest any areas of improvement using our vast knowledge and experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


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