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Relax! You’re in safe hands

So what is it about us, when you arrive, don’t expect to be greeted by uptight accountants in stiff suits. Our friendly team are relatable, truly pleased to meet you and eager to begin understanding your needs.

We love working with our clients and we love what we do.

Our goal is to partner with you and foster a long-lasting relationship that continues to grow and be mutually beneficial. With that in mind, we want your first impression of us to be a genuine reflection of who we are and why so many people in and around Norwich have chosen to work with us.

About Us

In today’s competitive market place, we understand you need more than just someone reporting the numbers, you need people to talk to that have faced challenges, overcome them and have the experience to show from it.

We realise the role of the modern accountant has changed and that simply offering standard accountancy services will no longer suffice!

In 2012, we started Aldous & Saunders with just two second hand computers, two desks, and an old printer.

Thanks to our unique approach to customer satisfaction, we have experienced very good growth, but at a pace we are comfortable with! That’s because we firmly believe our growth shouldn’t be at the expense of the profesional accounting and business support we provide our loyal clients. We see this happen all too often in our profession, it’s unnecessary and disrespectful.


We have assembled a great team of loyal professionals who are constantly expanding their knowledge at various training events throughout the year. This helps our clients make better business decisions ensuring they only pay the correct amount of tax due from their business activities.


We are fully committed to our apprenticeship programme, which remains as strong as ever. We feel it’s important we provide career opportunities for young people entering our profession and our philosophy on this is simple: if you’re the right person for us, then you should be given the opportunity to prove it!