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Receipt Bank



If you’re self-employed or run your own business, you’ll know that bookkeeping can be a time consuming and often frustrating task. Nobody should be spending their evenings or weekends sifting through reams of receipts, that’s your time to do with as you please so try Receipt Bank with us today.


Here are two options for you to consider:


Option 1 You drop your paperwork into our office each month for processing if you keep your records via spreadsheet then our team will update this for you. If you use desktop software, unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to complete your bookkeeping onsite, however, if you use any cloud accounting software we are experienced in QuickBooks, KashFlow and Xero and can update these packages with ease.

Receipt Bank & 1Tap, Bookkeeping made easy!


Option 2, and the more cost-effective method is to use either 1Tap or Receipt Bank smartphone apps! 1Tap works perfectly for non-VAT registered sole traders while Receipt Bank is generally great for any size business. Both these apps link to most of the cloud packages on the market and offer a paperless bookkeeping system.


How does it work?


Both phone apps work very similar to each other, you simply take a photo of your receipt via your phone and submit for processing, it really is as straightforward as that! If you have supplier invoices emailed to you then forward these on using your unique email address which you receive as part of this package.

There is no need to worry about having to set this up as we take care of that for you and we even show you how to use it at no extra cost!


Call us today to get started with either 1Tap or Receipt Bank 01508 571432

With the advances in new technology, there really is no need for you to spend your free time updating your business records at the expense of valuable family time! Let us help you by calling 01508 571432