20 Oct Capital allowances on cars

Businesses can claim capital allowances for certain capital expenditure. Qualifying expenditure on cars must be allocated to one of two general pools of expenditure. Which pool is appropriate depends on the car’s CO2 emissions.

Currently, expenditure on cars with CO2 emissions over 130g/km driven is dealt with in...

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20 Oct Help to Save scheme

An HMRC consultation paper on the launch of the new Help to Save scheme closed in July 2016. A response to the consultation providing more information on the scheme has been published. The government received 31 formal responses. Most respondents were broadly in favour of the scheme....

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20 Oct Secondary annuities market

Late last year, the government announced that a new secondary annuity market would be created by April 2017. However, after an extensive period of research, it has been decided to cancel these plans. The government was concerned that the consumer protections required would make it difficult...

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