22 Oct HMRC taskforces

HMRC taskforces are comprised of multiple teams from across HMRC including special investigations, local compliance and criminal investigation units for targeting specific sectors and locations where there is a high risk of tax evasion. The taskforces use local knowledge and risk profiling to help create...

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15 Oct PAYE payment dates

We would like to remind employers about the electronic PAYE payment dates. The due date for electronic PAYE payments is the 22nd of the month and when a payment is made electronically, a payment on the day usually suffices.

However, where the due date falls on...

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15 Oct Tax powers for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales published the Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill in July of this year. The purpose of this Bill is to put in place the legal framework necessary for the future collection and management of devolved taxes in Wales...

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15 Oct Diesel emissions scandal

The Government has confirmed that UK taxpayers will not incur higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) if their existing vehicles are found to be fitted with illegal software that manipulates emissions tests.

As has been heavily reported in the news, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) has...

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