10 Dec Offshore tax disclosures

HMRC has issued a tweet to remind taxpayers that time is running out to disclose any taxable offshore assets & income. Current offshore disclosure agreements with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the 3 British Crown dependencies’ the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey will close on 31...

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10 Dec Coding out debts deadline

The coding threshold entitles taxpayers to have tax underpayments collected via their tax code, provided they are in employment or in receipt of a UK-based pension. The coding applies to certain debts such as self-assessment liabilities, tax credit overpayments and outstanding Class 2 NIC contributions....

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03 Dec Let Property Campaign continues

HMRC’s Let Property Campaign provides landlords who have undeclared income from residential property lettings in the UK or abroad with an opportunity to regularise their affairs by disclosing any outstanding liabilities whether due to misunderstanding the tax rules or because of deliberate tax evasion.


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