28 Jul Pension auto-enrolment

The introduction of automatic enrolment for workplace pensions is intended to ensure that the majority of employees in the UK are offered the chance to be part of a work based pension scheme. Automatic enrolment into workplace pensions has been rolling out across the UK since...

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21 Jul VAT partial exemption

A business that incurs expenditure on taxable and exempt business activities is partially exempt for VAT purposes. In essence the business has to make an apportionment between the activities using a 'partial exemption method' in order to calculate how much input tax is recoverable.


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21 Jul Finance Bill 2016

After a tumultuous period of change for the government, we have finally had confirmation from the Leader of the House that the Finance Bill will be delayed until after the summer. The Finance Bill has completed the committee stage and is scheduled to begin the...

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21 Jul HMRC explore IR35 proposals

In July of last year, HMRC published a discussion document on the Intermediaries Legislation (IR35). The government believes that the current legislation is not working as effectively as it should and that there is significant non-compliance with the rules.

The IR35 rules are intended to prevent...

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