25 Aug The Apprenticeship levy

The new apprenticeship levy will commence in England from 6 April 2017 at a rate of 0.5% of the employer's 'pay bill'. To exclude smaller employers a £15,000 allowance can be claimed. This will mean that only employers with a pay bill in excess of...

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25 Aug Let property campaign

HMRC’s Let Property Campaign provides landlords who have undeclared income from residential property lettings in the UK or abroad with an opportunity to regularise their affairs by disclosing any outstanding liabilities whether due to a misunderstanding of the tax rules or because of deliberate tax...

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25 Aug Child Trust Fund changes

An HMRC consultation last year examined whether Child Trust Fund (CTF) accounts should be subject to lifestyling.'Lifestyling' is the process by which the account provider adopts an investment strategy that aims to minimise variation in the capital value of a CTF caused by market conditions...

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