About us

Looking to the future!


Established in 2012 with Offices in Norwich & Lowestoft Suffolk, we are a small team of qualified and experienced accountants that are pioneering the way forward in accountancy, streamlining processes, getting more involved and making small businesses and freelancers more efficient.


Our vision is to develop a fresh approach to accounting, incorporating modern practices and new technology in a service that not only provides a monthly accounting system but also ongoing business support to help small businesses and freelancers achieve success and grow.


By using our well-developed referral network and proven monthly accounting systems, we pride ourselves in providing small businesses with the tools and advice to manage their accounts and business decisions efficiently, giving them more time to do what they do best.

glenn saunders and tracey aldous

Practice History: As told by Glenn & Tracey


In 2012 we both left well-paid jobs with a vision to create a modern Accountancy practice which would offer more than just number crunching services. We felt increasingly frustrated by the status quo and realised that people needed more from their accountant than just Tax & Accountancy advice. Our goal was to create an environment where business support became a natural progression, and that our clients could see the value in strong working relationships and improved communications. We were beginning to understand that the role of the modern accountant was evolving!


We set out with a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, and the advances in new technology were going to play a key part in this. At the time, Cloud Accounting software was starting to gain momentum and we knew its eventual evolution would help us achieve our goal of streamlining the usual time issues associated with traditional accounting processes and allow us more time to focus on our business development.


Customer service is a huge issue for us! From our experience in previous positions with other company’s, we could see where the issues were and what needed to be done but felt frustrated by how this was being badly managed. We listened to our client’s concerns and found it was the simple things that they wanted us to be good at that made all the difference to them! By building a strong foundation of trust and support, we are fortunate enough to be working closely with some fantastic people who want to continue working with us.


The 21st century brings with it an age where advances in new technology and the rise of social media now plays a major part in all our lives, so it was only natural that we embraced this and created an open social media platform where information and advice could be shared. Our closed Facebook group provides the perfect environment for our clients to promote their products and services and generate new business opportunities. In addition to this, we also felt it was important to have a training programme that offers all the necessary ingredients to help generate more sales and profits for our clients! Our solution was to enter into a joint venture with a good friend of ours who runs ‘The Business Growth Club’. and the results have been simply amazing!


So by embracing new technology, improving customer services and providing business support & training we have made a huge difference to the lives of our clients, and we’re not slowing down. We’re still a relatively young business, with a lot of experience, knowledge, and insight behind us, and we have some exciting developments planned for the future.